Brian H Reynolds, Painter

While my work still has a starting point in plein air (laying out and painting the initial piece on site) the execution of the work has evolved over the years. After this initial phase of painting the piece is taken into the studio where I spend more time with them.
I have been working on two continuing series in the past years. One is a series of views from Le Mura (city walls) in the city of Lucca, Italy and it's amazing perspectives that stretch out before you. The other is of a 1950's apartment complex in Venice, California called Lincoln Place, condemned (and later reprieved) it has a beautiful presence with it's subtle pastels and overhanging roof lines. Now I can add Havana, Cuba to the list of continuing series.

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-AWARDED-: the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant for 2016!

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Thanks Brian H Reynolds