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Artist Statement

I never know why a particular subject will draw me in, why an abandoned building in the heart of Venice CA or the shadows on a 16th century building and its ever changing beauty will be the quiet voice that leads me to stand for hours on end with paint and canvas in complete solitude. The majority of my work these days starts in plein aire, days of laying it out, and then moving into the studio to complete it.
One of the things I truly enjoy about painting in plein air is the contact that occurs between the public and myself. People are naturally curious to see a painter working and if it is a structure or view they know it invites a dialogue. It can create a sense of pride in them; they see things in their world that might have gone unnoticed establishing a direct line between the creative process and the human experience. It inspires me and opens a world I might not have otherwise been privy to.
Even with all its difficulties, land fenced off and owners awash in fears, there is still the chance conversation with an aged Italian sheepherder or a Texas rancher who offer nothing more than greetings and a quiet place to work. My thanks to them and the many others I have met on this journey.
I was born in Miami, raised in Texas and cultured in Italy, working for over thirty years in various mediums, the last 20 concentrating in oil on canvas. I divide my time between a studio in Tuscany, Texas, California and various points in between.

BFA 1976 North Texas State University, Denton Texas


Harris Gallery, Houston TX